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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Still Quilting....

Hello world. Or as I call it, Kate.
Here are some photos from the August 2010 Bayberry Quilters of Cape Cod quilt show. Also, I am the new editor of the Quilt Fun newsletter that covers the New England region with almost 1400 subscribers. So if you want to subscribe to this nifty monthly compilation of shows, workshops, retreats, things for sale, etc., send an email to

These are two of the quilts I made with the children of my church's religious education program for their annual play which was The Seed of Creativity this year. The tree represents a large copper beech memorial tree outside our church where the kids climb and play every Sunday. The flowers were created by members of the play's audience - they placed the petals and I sewed it all together. The tree's leaves were placed by the children and there are photo transfers of the kids at the base of the tree.

The chalice quilt on the left is the symbol of Unitarian Universalism. The border of this quilt has the kids' hand written "wishes for the world." The rainbow quilt on the right includes my hand-appliqued rendition of our historic church building. The rainbow represents the fact that we are a welcoming congregation for LGBT folks as well as everyone else.

This is Cecilia Macia's prize-winning quilt. She loves to work with the kaleidoscope block. This is her original design and her workmanship is absolutely perfect.
This is my beloved friend Marjorie Lydecker, talking about one of Audrey Germer's showcase quilts. All hand-done and lots of little touches of Audrey. Marge taught me how to hand-applique and she is a marvelous quilter. She is generous, kind and loving and I am very lucky to know her.

That's it for now. I love quilting!